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Heatable bucket

This bucket is all steel with  a v-lip pouring spout , back hand grip and a strong hoop handle.

It is designed for direct heating over a burner stand ( illustrated ) and for direct pouring of bitumen and compounds.

Thick steel bucket bottom plate for long life.

3 gallon capacity.

IMPORTANT - current production buckets are galvanised for long life and are not supplied with a lid.

Single burner stand

Massively strong single burner stand.  Output in the region of 10 kw from a drip proof burner fitted with a protected flame head and shielding for the gas pipe connector and burner injector. 12" diameter grid. Protected hose coupling.  Stable bucket platform. Efficient and long lasting. Shown with bucket and adjustable output armoured gas hose/reg set.

This is a really heavy duty, solidly built unit designed for a hard life on site and the result of many years experience in the industry.

This burner stand is NOT a pressed steel picnic stove 'converted' for industrial use!!   It is a purpose designed, specially built item made exclusively for heating bitumen and compounds on site.  The single piece grille is almost 1/2" thick and the sides are made from 1/8" steel plate!

Items are sold as a kit or separately if required - a kit consists of a bucket, heating stand, hose & regulator pack.  Please specify if you require a kit or individual items.