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For detailed information on burners, lease see our  separate information.  

A matched burner is supplied free with every new boiler supplied. This section refers to replacement items, NOT a first purchase!!

In most cases, you will require a standard burner, and then we need to know the size of the boiler.  We use the same burner unit for all standard boilers, but fit a different injector.  The standard type will fit our 10, 15, 25 and 50 gallon boilers but for the 5 gallon we down jet the burner.  For a 50 gallon we fit a larger size jet although it will operate with a standard burner - but will be slower to heat up.  

You can fit a smaller jet to a bigger boiler but NEVER a bigger jet to a smaller boiler.  Jet numbers are stamped on the side of the jet.  However do not disassemble a burner unless you know exactly what you are doing!

Burner jet sizes are as follows:

You must NOT fit the incorrect burner or jet. Tell us the size of the boiler you have and we will supply the correct one for the job!

Here is a standard burner and in the bag, an armoured gas hose and regulator set. These two items are sold separately.

The hose and regulator are consumable items and should be changed each year - or sooner if damaged.