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Advantages of the Propamiser thermostat control system.

1). Propamiser  is built entirely in the UK from UK sourced parts. This includes the special control valve which is the heart of the system.  We build, service and service exchange from our specialised manufacturing facility in Bristol.  We carry service exchange units and can offer a fast turn round repair service.

2).Over 800  have been built and the system is thoroughly proven, reliable and robust. It is not a new or untried design and was developed by experts for professional users.  It is hard wearing, long lasting and reliable.

3). The unit requires no power supply, no batteries and no electrical connections. It is entirely self powered.

4).  Propamiser is more than a temperature control.  It is a fully integrated burner control system with flame failure shut down, gas pressure indicator,  temperature gauge and automatic main burner ignition.

5). The system is designed for easy removal from the boiler as a module and when fitted to a bitumen boiler it can be removed  without the need to drain down the bitumen pan as the control sensors are enclosed in a special protective probe.  It can thus be taken off the boiler for security at the end of the day, and also if it needs service.

6). The unit is maintenance free and requires no user adjustment or service.

7). Propamiser is strongly built and reliable.

8). It has a nominal operating range of 50 oC and can be set with a top temperature between 90 oC and 275 oC making it a very flexible unit for a huge variety of materials.

9). We can build specials and alter the range or provide ultra high accuracy control units for special applications.   Modulation accuracy on standard units can be as close as 2  oC at  275 oC

10).  All units are set up and extensively tested before dispatch.  We have full computerised data logging and operating analysis software with three channel real time recording.  If required we can provide a full set of data and graphs showing operating performance and characteristics.  If this sounds technical, it is, but the result is a hard working, accurate and robust thermostat control system.

11).  Prior to dispatch, every unit is tested under full gas pressure on three separate occasions with a computer logged main test of at least 4 hours continuous operation to ensure that the unit controls temperature and gas flow accurately.