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10 gallon industrial unit with a basket.  (Outlet drain tap is not installed in this photograph.)

50 gallon special build industrial unit with basket & drain

Please note that special modifications are available at the time of order and need to be specified then.  It may not be possible to add items to a boiler once it has been built.  

Baskets are available separately at additional cost.  

A standard burner and outlet tap are included in the price.

All units are made to specific order and all delivery times are estimates based on receipt of funds.

These units are designed and sold as free standing portable appliances. They are not intended to be used as a ‘fixed installation’ or in an enclosed space.  They operate at 2 bar input pressure using propane LPG from cylinders. Please ensure that this type of equipment is suitable for your intended application and premises before placing an order as the unit will be made specifically for you.