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Spares For Farvis Bitumen Boilers

We can supply spare parts for everything we have ever made! Even if the part is no longer available we almost always have something that will do the job.We will need to know some basic information so that you can obtain the correct part.If you don't want to follow through the steps below, just phone us and we can sort it out, but it may save time to look at the following information to be sure of what you want.

.. or we can send you a dimension

sheet that you can fill in and fax back.

Is it one of ours?  

If it is, it will have a 'FARVIS' nameplate. This will usually be an oval either cast or stenciled.  A few units may have a small pop riveted aluminium plate with the details engraved on the lower part of the plate.

If you are not sure - does the boiler have angle legs and a slot in the middle of the casing with a 'v' shaped burner bracket.  If yes, then it is one of ours.

As a confirmation, all our boilers are insulated and have a second internal steel liner and insulating material. This is held in with bolts but may be welded into position on units built after 2012.

Is it a static, mobile or trolley mounted boiler?

These pictures refer to static units but the dimensions are the same for mobiles.  Also, does it have hand stir paddles, a thermostat or is it from an oil jacket or asphalt heater.  Nearly all the spares we supply are for standard boilers and generally there is no need to worry about the 'specials'.  If you have one, you'll know - but we must too!

For instance, this is a hand stir unit

Now we need to know the size so that we can match up the parts you need.  We have drawings and data in the factory, so if you tell us what we need to know, then we can send the correct part. If you don't, then the spares may not fit!  Obviously we don't need every measurement if you only want a single item, but please take the time to get the sizes right as this saves a lot of hassle for everyone!

A boiler is made up of the following parts: Click on the replacement part for measurements

The Pan The Case The Lid Taps & Sockets Burners & Gas Fittings

Check your measurements, then phone/fax us saying who you are, where you are ( for delivery ),  what you want , and the dimensions you have measured. We can then get back to you promptly with a price and delivery information.  We can then dispatch on receipt of payment and the parts should be with you in a couple of days.