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We used to supply a 2 inch bore unit but we have now reduced this to 1.5 inches.   If you have one of the older boilers - and there are still lots about, then we can supply a converter bush to fit the new tap. However if you don't tell us, we won't know.  

How can you tell - to be really confusing it is easier to use metric measurements for this:

1.5" size has a measurement of 55 mm across the OUTSIDE diameter of the socket.

The 2" has a measurement of 67 mm across the OUTSIDE diameter of the socket.

There have been various types of tap but we now supply a GATE or BANJO ( pt no 169 ) type or the SAFETY TAP (pt no 170 ) which is standard supply. We do not sell individual components for taps.  

The type of tap depends on your use and the material - for instance thermoplastic needs a 169 type while bitumen is best with a 170.


 ( pt 169 )  


( pt 170) )