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Tarmac Tool Heaters -


FARVIS tool heaters are designed for application of heat to contractor's tools such as asphalt rakes, shovels and bitumen buckets without the need to burn diesel in a bucket, a practice that is now outlawed.

Static tool heaters use propane gas to provide instant starting and up to 70 kw of INSTANT direct heat in an enclosed, open top bin fitted with a heavy duty steel grid to support tools and keep them away from the burner head.  There is a scraping ring around the top of the casing so that heated tools can be cleaned off and the waste material caught inside the heater for later disposal.

The burner has a protective plate to prevent material falling onto and clogging the flame ports and is of a special design that will not blow back.

The casing is INSULATED to reduce external skin temperature for safety.


FARVIS tool heaters are designed to last a long time, give excellent value for money and enable blacktop gangs to have instant, clean heat as required without the need to burn diesel in a bucket.

Static Tool Heater

Design copyright

Waste material can be removed from the bottom of the heater quickly and easily.  The tool grid is easy to remove and burner access is simple.  All burner connections are outside the tool bin.

Mobile tool heaters are the static heater described here, but bolted to a heavy duty and robust four wheel trolley (with kick on brakes), incorporating a shielded space for a 19 kg cylinder of gas, bottom heat shield with drain holes, lifting points and a heavy duty steel drag handle that has a tow eye for site towing.  The trolley unit is interchangeable with the one used for bitumen boilers and has a galvanised finish for a long and hard life.  It is made from heavy gauge steel and well capable of standing the abuse received on site.  wheels are heavy duty rubber tyred with steel centres, the front two swivel and have parking brakes.  All wheels are guarded against splashes and material falling from tools as they are heated.

OPTION:  armoured gas hose and regulator set.  Kick brakes for mobile unit.