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Propamiser thermostatic control system has been designed specifically to provide a safe and efficient non-electric burner control system for use with high pressure propane gas. Propane should be supplied to it at a pressure not greater than 30 lb./in2 (or 2 bar). The heart of the Propamiser is a high pressure modulating temperature control valve which can be set to operate between 0 oC and 300 oC with a range of 50 oC. This valve varies the flow of gas to the burner. A typical application is temperature control of bitumen boilers and asphalt mixers. Since maximum appliance outlet temperatures allowable are 180 oC - 260 oC, the thermostats are pre-set, as far as possible, to operate at a maximum temperature of 275 oC. The operator can vary the control temperature up to this maximum. To monitor the operation of the thermostatic valve, a temperature gauge and downstream propane pressure gauge are fitted. For correct operation it is, of course, important that the bulb should at all times be surrounded by the medium being controlled, and thus the thermostat pocket should always be covered.

It can be seen that with a temperature control system that can shut off the burner it is essential that the gas is not allowed back to the burner unless there is a means of ignition in the form of a pilot burner. It is also essential to prove that this pilot flame is alight and so, in addition to the temperature control system, Propamiser incorporates a thermoelectric flame failure valve operating on an independent pilot flame by means of a thermocouple which has its tip immersed in the pilot flame. Loss of flame shuts the flame failure valve.

All controls are mounted within a substantial galvanised/powder coated mild steel ventilated case having a shroud front and rear to help protect the instruments from mechanical and weather damage.

We normally supply our pilot burner assembly 14020 which incorporates pilot burner and thermocouple bracket, but any suitable system can be used.

Typical installation in a FARVIS 25 gallon boiler.  Unit is removable for easy service and security.


Mk 1 - pre October 2000

Mk 2 - post October 2000

Propamiser special build with bypass and remote sensing

Other types are built to individual customer specification

There is no significant alteration to user serviceable components between the types

Standard Technical Specification

Operating pressure :0-2 bar

Propane usage @ 0.33 bar pressure drop:6kg/hr. (110cfh)

Pilot ignition:Manual

Temperature sensor pocket min. Bore:13mm

Temperature sensor pocket min. Length:200mm

Weight: 3kg