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FARVIS offer a range of thermoplastic heating and mixing equipment.  We specialise in smaller units of 10 & 25 gallon size that can be used in side streets, car parks and  for marking factory  floors, and also for reinstatement and patching work.

A FARVIS thermoplastic heater-mixer  in an easy to move, easy to use, low cost package.

An ideal fast and easy way to heat and dispense small quantities of white line material when it is not economic to use a big machine.

Hand turned paddles are easy, cheap and efficient in smaller sizes and save a fortune in cost! They are not difficult to use and enable quick and easy operation for smaller jobs.  Our MIXMASTER (c) system is quick to use, easy to clean and highly effective.

Hand paddle mixing - low cost, effective and efficient.

Heaters can be fitted with all our standard accessories including thermostat control and come with a hand turned paddle unit, a half opening lid which can be removed if required, and two easy to turn sweeps for mixing and stirring the material.  The mixing unit can be removed in a few minutes for cleaning.

Our incredibly versatile pre heaters can be used to dispense directly into pouring cans and buckets using our special 40 mm and 75 mm thermoplastic thro-flow dispensing taps.

Special thro flow thermoplastic tap.


We supply a range of special marking shoes with ergonomic handles and tilting heads for easy and accurate line marking. Sizes range from1" ( 25 mm ) to 8" ( 200 mm ).

Heater mixer units can be supplied as free standing, trolley mounted for low speed towing, trailer mounted or fitted to a small self contained sled  that can be fork lifted onto a pickup or small lorry for occasional use. This frees up the vehicle for daily operations but enables the boilers to be transported efficiently and easily when necessary. They do not take up much space in store or on a vehicle.

Trolley mounted heater-stirrer for thermoplastic paint. This unit carries a gas cylinder in a protected enclosure and is an entirely self contained mobile thermoplastic pre heater.

All units are built to extremely heavy duty specification.

We don't skimp on materials or build quality.