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Road going trailer boiler

Available as a long or short chassis version, these trailer boilers are built to last. The boiler is easily detachable for replacement or separate use. The trailer is best suited to a 25 or 50 gallon FARVIS boiler.  It is built to our own unique specification - the bodywork, deck and even the mudguards are made from no-nonsense 3mm steel plate.  

This trailer is designed to last and is of military quality to provide long and reliable service. It includes a commercial beam axle and heavy duty tyres and ring hitch ( 50 mm by request at no cost ).  All components are sourced in the UK for easy spares. Trailer gross weight 750 kgs.  A FARVIS trailer boiler is a piece of construction plant - it is NOT a converted boat or domestic trailer!

We offer two versions, one with a short rear deck, bucket stand and safety rail, and  a longer deck version incorporating a full width working platform.  Both are made for site operation with great attention to detail. We supply a complete unit which includes  fully shielded gas cylinder mountings with a quick release door,  road lights, screw down adjustable jockey wheel,  rear props, ring or 50mm hitch and an easy to replace bolt on insulated boiler with safety bitumen tap, burner, hose and regulator and boiler lid securing device.  The gas cylinder holder has enclosed gas cylinder mounting for 2 x 19 kgs cylinders. All body fittings are designed for commercial vehicle use to make these trailers reliable and able to give years of service.


Gross trailer weight is 750 kgs.   We include lights, brakes, handbrake, jockey wheel and rear support legs in the specification. All bodywork is built from 1/8" ( 3mm ) steel plate for safety and strength. Standard colour is safety yellow.

You should NEVER tow a boiler on the road when hot or alight.  While some manufacturers imply this is acceptable, the consequences of a road accident involving a boiler full of hot bitumen would be horrendous and this system is not intended to be used other than as static plant on site.  This unit is NOT sold to allow the transport of hot material on a public road and must be used in accordance with the instructions.