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Safety Spill Tray.

This is a robust heavy duty steel tray with carry handles designed to hold the content of the boiler in the event of a spill or failure.

Trays are made to special order and intended for roofing work or anywhere a spill of hot sealant could pose a risk.  

When ordering it is essential to state the size of the boiler you intend to use as the tray will be made to hold a considerable excess of material to prevent overtopping.

In use the tray should be placed on a bed of sand or other surface that will not be damaged by heat and can provide a level surface.  This is illustrated on the LEFT below. Larger trays have twin handles.

Drip Tray.

This is what it says - a site tidy to prevent drips and mess damaging the surrounding area.  

It is NOT a safety item.  It is not sold or intended to contain a bitumen spill.  

The drip tray is a robust base on which to stand the boiler and a place to put tools when covered in sticky material.

It is the round tray illustrated on the RIGHT below.

Please do not purchase a drip tray hoping that it will provide a cheap way of saving the day if your boiler spills - it won’t !